We at Growth Foundation of India are compassionate in blossoming out the hopeless and helpless societies through initiations in sectors of Health, Education, Environment and Skill Development.

Growth Foundation of India is a non-profitable organization Registered under Indian trust act 1882 (Certificate No. IN-DL16917256600086L) founded by a group of professionals, who have setup this organization apart from their hectic corporate life to work at the grass-root level with a single-minded focus on ‘Empowering Rural and Underprivileged Communities in India’ through bringing together the best global practices and corporate thinking.

And also to make achieve the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency by deriving a model of Sustainable Development, which is now an essential benchmark in the industries to be implemented.


Growth Foundation of India is an organization that was established in 2013, in Uttarakhand after the unfortunate natural calamity that has occurred in 13 districts of Uttarakhand. As, initially provisions for the after disaster relief was made through us with a huge collection of clothes, food and hospitality through temporary shelter homes, later on seeing the pathetic condition of the affected victims we decided up to extend our hands as a way of obligation of being a human.

And, from there the journey of Growth Foundation Of India begins where the organization has worked in uplifiting various communities who were suffered with major atrocities of health, illiteracy and discrimination by the dominants, as making people realize that how to self-sustain apart from the basic necessity that an individual required, because a strong moral support is the way through which people would initiate themselves in developing individually as well as the community by a sense of unity to gain the achievement and bringing a hope in life.

Therefore, Growth foundation Of India has been successful prior from its establishment as a helping hand towards the society, from which we derived “Commitment Towards Society” as our motive and which actually contradicts to what we have done so far in developing the education sector. And till the date we have covered a population of more than 5 lakh in different parts of Uttarakhand & Delhi NCR. Thus, operating an Informal education center, Skill development training center and running 5 education center, 2 SHG, adopted 2 Slums and 1 school.

When you do good work people will support for the same.


Growth Foundation of India aims to enhance the quality of lives of Women, Youth and Children by providing consistent and accessible services to work with the community and contribute as well as facilitate and promote solutions for their problems and providing means for the enriching themselves.

The achievement of a better environment with all possible solutions is what foundation covets to the society. Covering all the sectors including major and minors of a community is our foundation’s obligation.


Our vision is to mould out a society in which women, youth and children are empowered to live a life of equality and dignity in India. The Empowerment of Women and Child Development is the prime motive of Growth Foundation of India.

The Growth Foundation of India is working particularly on two states for superior development in all the sectors, as the foundation works in Uttarakhand and Delhi NCR.


The way of our conduction to any aspect begins from charting to overlooking the requirements, we had developed a modern approach through implementing unique ideas as a pre-formulated plan in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Skill development and Environment.

The organization regulates the activities through educational kits in an innovative way where the kids seek nterest through games and enhancing confidence through interaction, as we want to make it happen that no child ever feel helpless and hope for their nurture is created.

Above than that, the adults are procured by through various vocational courses which would help them to acquire a skill and could make out local sales, providing them a way of earning without getting into any financial debt for meeting up their daily expenses.



Shri Suresh Jain (National Add. Organizing Secretary at Bharat Vikas Parishad)

Shri Mohan Chand Joshi (GM, Joint Vice President DCM Sri-Ram)

Shri Mahesh Purohit (Social Worker, Ex BRDO)

Shri Sanjeev Nagar (Senior Director– Training Center)

Dr. G.C Pant (Retd. Professor All India Institute of Medical Science, Radiology Department)

Shri Bhuvan Chandra Joshi (Social Worker, Retd. From Uttranchal Jall Nigam)

Shri P.M. Tripathi (Management Consultant, Former Executive Director, HUDCO)

Shri B.P. Pant (Advisor FICCI)

Management Team

Smt. Deepti Sharma (Executive Director)

Shri Suresh Bamrara (Trustee)

Dr. K.N. Patni (Retd. Joint Director, Up Health)

Shri Puneet Sachdeva (Expert – Consumer Affairs)

Smt. Preeti Sativ (Environmental Expert)

Shri N.K.S Chauhan & Associates (Financial Advisor)

Sr. Prateek Roy (Researcher)

Smt. Aditi Joshi (Trustee)

Team Members

Rajesh Chauhan

Deepak Singh

Bishan Singh

Priya Yadav

Kamal bahadur

Arjun singh Chowkan



Deepak Rana

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